Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 11-11-11

Remembrance day for me invariably means a trip up Great Gable. I have no familial experience of loosing anyone in either of the Great Wars nor in the many conflicts since so I go and pay my respects to the members of the FRCC who lost their lives in the wars and to whom the memorial on Great Gable is dedicated.

Besides it’s a good excuse to get out in the mountains before before winter’s icy grip descends. For the first time in many years the weather was calm and the assembled crowd could hear the simple address from the FRCC representative.

On the way down I spotted someone I vaguely knew and when we had said hello and remembered where we knew each other from, Mike told me about his son Tom Quinn who was wounded a few weeks ago, whilst serving in the Royal Marines in Afghanistan. As a thank you to all those who’ve help Tom in his recovery, Mike has set out to walk all the Lakeland Peaks in Wainwrights ‘Guide to the Lakes series AND climb the 15 Lakeland climbs in Ken Wilson’s Classic Rock.

Details of Mike’s challenge can be found here and their experience made me treasure the time I have with own boys even more.

Great Gable-1
Cole on the way up

Great Gable-2
Looking back at Green Gable

Great Gable-3

It’s one time when I don’t begrudge the crowds on the summit.

Great Gable-4