Time flies …

It seems like only yesterday I was in Scotland and already a month has gone by. January is traditionally a quiet time but I’ve used it well, planning new things for 2012.

I also managed to get back in the studio to shoot some commercial work. Here are a couple of images shot recently for Lakeland Fells Furniture, new range of bedroom furniture to be added to their site shortly.



Quad bike shoot

The weather really starts to get to me at this time of the year. It’s not that I mind the rain and I’m happy to get out there in it. But there just isn’t any usable light.

So for a change here’s a couple of photographs of the new Honda TRX500 Quad Bike for Stewart McElheran in Ballymena. Whilst people photography and landscapes is far and away my favourite work, commercial photography makes an interesting change and it’s always good to be challenged. I would have liked a more rugged setting to shoot this bike in but the dramatic sky goes some way to make up for not having it.