Yesterday evening was cold and clear and the mists were rolling off the water so I thought an early start again might produce a result. I’ve been wanting to shoot this scene for a while now and although overnight cloud had reduced the effect of the mist I still thought there may be a chance of a good picture. I set the camera up and waited for the light to develop but this morning it was particularly stubborn and as the sun came up, so did more and more cloud and the mist was just too ethereal to really make an impact on the image.

It was one of those mornings though were it was just great to be out there. I watched what I took to be a water vole making a V wave along the bank. As it got close it came to an area of weed and rolled over in the water showing itself for what it really was - an Otter, no more than 30 feet away.

I had spent ten days in the Shetland Isles earlier this year hoping to see Otters, without success and here was one on my own doorstep. I quickly refocussed but he had dived again and that was the last I saw of him. Larger image here.

Early light